When I carried my daughter home for the first time I was so happy

Sabita, mother from Nepal

Sabita travelled for hours along dirt roads in a remote village in Nepal to reach the nearest health clinic. She had complications giving birth at home and was at risk of dying. Thankfully, she was treated by CARE-trained midwife Arati Shah, who carried out a lifesaving procedure. Sabita was discharged with her healthy baby girl called Ehani.

Yet Sabita’s happy ending is unusual in many parts of the world where poverty is a daily struggle – a woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 180 in developing countries, compared to 1 in 4,900 in developed countries. Pregnancy and childbirth shouldn’t be a game of chance.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to me and my daughter if there was no health clinic

Sabita knows that access to basic health care was the difference between life and death – “When there is a nurse [like Arati] everything is better. If not, life can end”.

That’s why CARE is dedicated to training over 8,600 nurses and midwives in Nepal so that women like Sabita living in remote communities have access to the health services and support they need. Because no woman should have to go through childbirth alone.

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