I just want my child to grow up healthy. That’s my wish for her

Ashta, mother from Niger

Ashta does her best to keep Balki well-fed but she can’t give her daughter the food she needs. They live in the Sahel region in northern Africa – an incredibly hard place to survive. Extreme weather like drought destroys their crops. It breaks Ashta’s heart that she’s not able to help Balki: “She coughs and has diarrhoea. She gets better for two days and then sick again the next two days. I’ve been to the hospital with her so many times I’ve lost count.”

Balki cries out ‘Wayo, wayo’, which means ‘I’m hurting, I’m in pain’

In developing countries like Balki’s, the number of young children suffering from malnutrition is as much as one in three. It’s likely that Ashta herself was malnourished when she was pregnant with Balki. It’s something that many mothers in the region face and tragically means their children are often born ill. But mothers like Ashta will never give up trying to keep their children alive.

CARE isn’t giving up either – we run a feeding programme in the Sahel which targets the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. But we need more help to reach families in need. Together we can fight child malnutrition from day 1 to day 1,000 and beyond.

Join us to help mothers like Ashta give their children a life to live.

Together we can rewrite the future of maternal care