I had never imagined she would not be with me

Arun, father from Nepal

Arun’s wife Suvita had a long, painful and frightening labour giving birth to their only daughter. Unfortunately, many people living in their remote mountain village in Nepal lacked accurate information about childbirth and told Suvita she didn’t need medical attention. But Arun knew something wasn’t right and took her on the long and arduous journey to hospital anyway.

Tragically, it was too late – Suvita had suffered too much internal damage, and there was nothing the doctors could do for her. She bled to death in Arun’s arms. It was less than a year after they had married.

If there were a midwife in my community, it could help others

80% of maternal deaths are preventable if women have access to antenatal support, trained midwives and birth attendants. Yet in Nepal nearly one in two pregnant women have no skilled health care professional present when they give birth.

That’s why CARE is training over 27,000 community health workers in remote communities like Arun’s across Africa and Asia, in places where the need is greatest. But there are so many more families to reach.

Arun is grateful his young daughter survived – “Her face looks more like her mother’s than mine. She reminds me of her mother and I feel happy seeing her.”

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